About Us


Denman Water is a naturally alkaline, premium quality water that family and friends have been enjoying for many years. Our story is unique because the water source is an underground stream that flows directly beneath the land we live on to the edge of the property where it flows into the ocean.  

We are literally the last stop on its journey before joining the ocean. After sharing this amazing water with family and friends over the years, we decided we would create Denman Water and offer it to others as well.



With a longstanding awareness of environmental and social concerns, we discussed the idea of Denman Water with a thoughtful, sustainable approach. An important aspect in creating the business was to ensure the water stay in the purest form possible.

While the integrity of the water was vital, we also wanted to be 100% certain that we would not leave a lasting footprint on the environment.



So, with these goals in mind, we chose to collect a small volume of water daily and package it in Nature friendly containers.  Denman Water does not use single use plastics.  We also deliver right to your door.

 Bottling Facility


Our bottling facility is located on Denman Island where we bottle water at the source.  The bottling facility is Island Health, FoodSafe certified.  We use commercial grade sediment filters and UV treatment to ensure a sparkling clean water supply.  We also test our water, via Island Health labs, on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality product.  See water analysis results for a summary of mineral content and pH (approximately 7.3).

“The noblest of the elements is water”
~ Pindar