Denman Island Water Company

11.3L (3 Gal) Bottle of Spring Water

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Absolutely nourished by nature, our water is filtered through miles of Quadra Sands before reaching our bottling facility.  Denman water has a pH of 7.2 - 7.4 so it is naturally alkaline providing a perfectly balanced water for the body. Honouring the flow of life, rather than contributing to the scarcity of water by exploiting springs, we collect the water at the end of its journey just before it flows into the ocean.

We offer a smaller bottle of water in 11.3L (3 Gal) reusable containers, suitable for water coolers (and easier to lift).

Please note: A $10 deposit per bottle will be added upon checkout. When empty bottles are returned, your account will be credited for the deposit. Please note that soiled, damaged bottles or bottles with debris inside cannot be accepted for return due to health requirements.

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